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This is Who I Am Pal

When the world burns, I’m usually drinking a martini, enjoying the scenery.

How’d I do it?

Pinned to high screen inside Stocklabs, little to no trading past 10:30am, resuming after 3pm, always hedged.

Today I stepped into the morning 10% TZA, 10% UVXY along my longs. I cleared it out, as I always do and now I wait.

There’s no point offering you predictions. I can offer you a system to avoid losses and I don’t even need or want you to join Stocklabs for it. Just hedge at the end of the day. There will come a day when there is no need to hedge and it might come soon. If you’re inside Stocklabs, you’ll know it. But until that day comes, HEDGE UP!

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  1. jose

    Will there be an impact to crypto, meme stocks and stocks at 20X sales once student loan payments resume in Feb and millennials have $800/mo less to speculate/invest?

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