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There’s No Basis For Much More Than This

The IWM is +3% and my Quant is +6.2%. While this is all very nice and I am sure it’s fun to pretend this can continue, it cannot. We are up 3.2% on the IWM for December and 1% for QQQ. We are likely to see a divergence again, with mega caps catching up and small caps reverting back down to the fucking dogs they are.

But on the whole, look at today, and really enjoy it — for it is it — the end of the rally — FIN.

While I am predicting the end of the rally, who really gives a fuck what I think? Heck I don’t even give a fuck what I think — knowing predictions are the sandbox of the narcissistic mentally impaired. But what I am firmly suggesting is a much more moderate tone after today, more akin to what we saw over the past 8 months in the market. Sluggish mega caps outperforming amidst sharp downward reversals for high risk plays on decreasing volume.

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    Government intervention unable to “keep it up” anymore? Tisk tisk.

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