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REMINDER: Markets Do Not Trade Lower into National Festival

This morning I was scared out of my shares, things were stolen from me, as I looked at handsome profits of +2.6%, fully long, afraid of drawing down. I liquidated before 10am and they shot higher after 10am. Had I kept my shares, nothing would’ve been stolen from me. The fact that I am a victim is merely a byproduct of my own cowardice. Instead of falling prey, I could’ve spit into the face of the market and shot it dead with my Colt-45 Baldwin special. But instead, I now find myself in the inexorable position of having to reacquaint myself with the tape — a tape by the way that is REWARDING small caps in favor of large — very bullish.

We have been drifting nowhere since 11am and I had to take some Ls on some short squeeze plays. But alas, here I am back in the saddle with a mug brimming with the black and a chest filled with bravery — readying to dive back into the market with all of my monies and wit and humor.


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  1. edge

    Usually don’t trade lower ya mean. TNA ain’t skeert.
    Me neither. Hedged with SOXS puts. 85% long.

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