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More Fades; Some Momo in Tech

I took the morning off. But before I did I liquidated most of my positions, tidied up a bit and left when exactly flat for the session. I have one hedge and several solar stocks and one or two oils and none of them, except the hedge, did well. While looking at the tape now, all I could see were all of the stocks I thought would go up in fact go up. For the past month or so this has been the root of my failures — missing out and then chasing and then stopping out for losses.

This time I am sticking to a plan, even if it means missing out on some fast money. I am down around 45bps now and as disheartening as that might seem, it’s really not much at all. What worse is taking 45bps and sinking downwards to -2% off the back of poorly timed and placed trades.

I am having an off day and I mean that literally. I will get back to the turret shortly and position, not for today, but for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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  1. edge

    Luck to you is wished.
    I do not need it, Sir.

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