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The grindhouse is in full regale today. It started with biotechs breaking down and then small caps. Presently inside Stocklabs, pennies are off by 0.65%, while tera caps +1.46%. There is a tale of two cities taking place, where the big capped stocks led by tech and banks lead higher, while energy and all of the other shit crash lower.

I told you to stay away from oils and now stocks like CEI are getting lit the fuck up. Too many meme stocks and too many faggots trading them.

I have been all over the road today, long small caps, semis, short energy, biotech — and now I am long some old man stocks, short bonds and biotech, whilst being long banks and FANG plays. I am not trying to make all of my losses back today. For God’s sake I am merely attempting to have an up day without much drama. But the market isn’t making it easy and now I have to figure this shit out.

FYI: Cryptos have been added to Stocklabs, starting with ETH and BTC — soon many more. Volume tools and predictive algos will be available for those interested in trying it out.

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