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Lots to Trade in Shifting Narrative Market

Today’s hot plays are in crypto derivative stocks like SINO, MSTR, TKAT, OCG, GRNQ and many other chi-com names that have been drilled — like NCTY. These narrative shifts often confuse and confound but if timed right can be incredibly enjoyable.

I am attempting to catch a wave, but the big winner has escaped me and I find myself maliciously slow in trading and methodical to the point of boredom in the face of 50% rippers. My risk tolerance, dare I say, has abated and I am more interested in preservation of capital than pressing my +220% YTD gains.

All of these squeezes, at least recently, have been short lived so there isn’t a reason to hold longer than a few hours or at most a day.

We are in a permanent state of fuckery. COVID will never leave us and the vaccine does not work. With that said, endeavor to avoid the black pill and instead work towards progress in the face of unbelievable chicanery.

Into the final hours, I am of course bullish.

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