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Never Bet Against the Double Mean Reversion Algorithm

Over in Stocklabs, us good folks were entreated to not one but two SYSTEM WIDE OS signals the past two days — an ULTRA-RARE DICKED event that makes one look thricely and stop everything and pay attention.

We of course partook, long TNA and other leveraged ETFs into the fucking sun, profiting handsomely from the event like all good top hatted men of this century is supposed to.

I have been out all day, but felt it was my duty to pen this blog so that none of you would comment or care about the contents. I do this because it is my job — just like it is your job to trade poorly and make fools out of yourselves on social media — BECLOWING oneself with cheap vaudeville jokes and ham and egg stunts. Le Fly is above all that and prefers to be alone, in a blog, surrounded by enemies.

Tomorrow we have more upside to enjoy and I am certain, as the Gods are my witness, I will be back here tomorrow with even more to boast about.

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