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Markets careened lower today, amidst pomp and circumstance. Plebs were lit up in the streets like Chinese firecrackers — accounts bludgeoned under the panic of renewed plague.They brought out the clowns onto the teevee to assuage the plebs with words of calmness, all the while injuring them with malevolent advice of poison.

Yields crashed lower and yet they still told stories, grande stories, of inflation and how everything was going swell. You are to get out there and buy dips, ignore the COVID plague, whilst of course injecting yourselves with a booster shot.

In the iBankCoin caves, Le Fly traded majestically and profited by 20bps, 24% cash, fully loaded for the next round of lockdowns on news that “just 40%” of hospitalized COVID patients have been DOUBLED VAXXED in the UK, a far cry from our paltry 3%.

We do not know what to believe, except for the things that are right in front of our faces.

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    I always love your taste in music!

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    Bezos and da flying cock

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