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Sleepily Drifting Towards Another Bout of Extreme Winship

Markets were racked with uncertainty today, but I managed +245bps — thanks to keeping my book small (80% cash) and being quick about my trades. I had a good start, got as high as +320bps, faded a bit in the later afternoon — but closed strong.

Some out there are proposing doom soon, but it’s simply not in the cards. ‘Tis July, a sleepy time of year for both bull and for bear. Expect more drift less weariness for the balance of Summer, only accentuated with real downward pressure in September — giving way to inevitability.

Meanwhile, enjoy your vaccines and looming lockdowns and all of the wonderful trimmings of society, as she presses the faces of her citizens into the fire — docile slave-cattle obedient thanks to poverty and a penchant for degeneracy.

If the headlines of the day depresses you, find solace in the fact, as a species, the human-kind chose this direction. Who are we to interfere with evolution, or in our case, de-evolution — casting downwards from the pinnacle of society earmarked and emblazoned with financial impropriety and the dissolution of logic based laws.

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  1. tha pirate

    The ‘mostly peaceful’ as some fake news networks would call it looting & riots in South Africa are horrific and terrifying, as the leftist media announces how ‘vial it is’ to take away our guns. Anyone remember the ancient history of what happened last year in the USA? I still remember the boarded up stores in DC right before the November election just in case the ‘evil orange man’ had his votes counted properly. Weren’t more riots what was threatened in case the far left didn’t win the “free and fair election” of 2020? Will they continue to push their insanity now that they see it worked in the next election cycle?

    If the race hustlers keep pushing their C.R.T. lies, revisionist history and Socialist doctrine we are all doomed – and China will be laughing as they pick up the pieces of a fractured Western civilization.

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  2. ezthere

    Enjoyed Doris

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