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StockLabs is Launching Directly into the Fires

We sent out the first 1200 invites today and have been met with “technical difficulties” tantamount to disaster. We of course are working steadfastly to fix these issues. I gather you have signed up for the StockLabs Beta and wish to login? Be patient. You have waited a decade for it — you can wait a bit more. Email invites are going out and will continue to go out for several weeks before final launch.

On the issue of the market, complete and total apathy rests upon a burning cinder. Nothing is good or adventurous. We had early momo in oil and then biotech and all have gone to waste. I even traded myself back to green and felt courageous, invincible even, but that too dissipated and I now sit with you, the UNWASHED PLEB, racked good and plenty for -230bps.

The alternative is to stop being dumb and sell short. But that would be too easy — wouldn’t it? It would mean giving into the Orcs and cannibalism and become one of them.

Alas, who knows what the fuck happens next? Jim Biden is hard at work, trying to ruin the stock market and my gas supplies. There is inflation now coming out from our fucking ears, as poor dirty filthy people spend their stimmy checks on new iPhones. This whole gambit is a mess and piece of shit. The idea of the Fed FENDING OFF inflation via hiking rates is laughable. This inflation IS TEMPORARY because stimmy checks aren’t happening anymore.

I suspect we will calm down in the coming days and weeks and learn to embrace summer doldrums, boring, unvarnished, stupid, trading.

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