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I was up 370bps in trading, 640bps in my YOLO overnight account. I wish I had words to comfort you, other than to suggest that you trading on your own when in fact someone like me is out there is on par to a child attempting to arm wrestle Hulk Hogan.

There was nothing redeeming about today’s market, other than the runner. So many runners. I am +100% in my ISNS trade, a stock I traded 3 times today in my regular account. The gains were plentiful and my energy level is still very high.

I suspect this cannot last and I am prepared to give some back tomorrow. But whatever does happen, know this: I have traded great before and I will always trade great again. This fact has gotten me through many squalls. If you have never traded great and older than 30, you will never trade great, so stop trying.


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  1. roguewave

    Anything is possible, even thinking 100% in a month used to be insane; now it’s just very unlikely.

    In other news,
    Sorry Bill, your IQ dropped below the threshold we agreed to in our prenup.
    Nothing personal., Melinda

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  2. trumpmeister

    Weak post if you don’t mention ETH and crypto

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