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One Eye on the Prize, Another on COLLAPSE

Good news, it’s Friday and you can drink yourselves into Monday morning soon. The bad news is the market is lookin a little collapsy. TERA CAPS are getting fucking hammered, breadth stalled at just 18%. Basically, no large cap stocks are up today. We are being held up by PENNY STOCKS. That’s right, the indecorous booze-hounds over at Reddit are in complete control of the $60t equity markets.

Having said that, Le Fly is trading small today, scared to move, afraid to risk. I am down 90bps, 71% cash with a portfolio filled with nonsense. A little of this and a little of that — all made and built for intraday swings. Should I have an accident and fall asleep for the next week — my entire portfolio will likely fall to zero.

The one positive narrative being spun today is SHITCOINS. It appears “alt-season” is back and my fucking LITECOIN is on the move. I own a tremendous amount of LTC, in addition to ETH and a sundry of coins. If you asked me why I owned them — I’d offer you a better argument than 99% of the SHITCOIN HODLers out there — because I know more already than them.

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    Why do you own them ?

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    Why do you own them?

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