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StockLabs Wins Again

This will be my first of many victory claims here, regarding the mean reversion algorithms of Stocklabs, formerly Exodus.

We flagged on our RARE 6mo oversold algorithm yesterday and here we are today, ripping.

Shut up. I am not telling you this for new subscribers. WE ARE CLOSED TO ALL NEW CLIENTS for a period of perhaps months. I tell you this — not only because I can — but also to fulfill my quota of self-aggrandizement. Yes, I was long a pastiche of TRIPLE UPSIDE ETFs and yes I FESTOONED my portfolio was an array of runners this morning — thanks to our AWARD WINNING volume tools.

Some of my booked trades today

sold $SKLZ +16.2%, $MVIS +13%, $CAN +7%, $SOXL +5%, $DM +4.7%, $RIO -1.5%, $AZN +2.3%, $KO +0.7%, $ORCL -3.8%

There are more — but I don’t care too much about your opinions.

Bottom line: this is an oasis in a vast winding desert of shit. Be sure to take some gains off the table, or press the envelope if you can in order to extract maximum gains now — for the fires are still coming and the doom is certain to cast its ominous shadows over Wall before summer.

Thus far, I am +320bps for the session.

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