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Markets Are “Up” Again

Bubble stocks are getting hit again — cause Credit Suisse probably had another 100b shares of VIAC to sell, AT THE MARKET. This sort of tape is exactly how people get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.

Let me offer a scenario.

You keep trying to recapture your former glory, chasing yesterday’s stocks, hoping you could just recover what you once had. You chase the dream into the streets where obstacles are in your way. The overcast is thick with black smoke and chards of metal are bustling thru the increasingly grimy city streets. You see a light and it looks like your dream, so you chase it into the city catacombs. You can almost see it and in your mind you’re thinking about all of the great things you’ll do once you get it. If only you could have it back, all of it back, you’ll look and feel better.

You finally corner the dream and it’s almost yours now. There is no place else for it to run. You dive for it with all of your energy and physicality and all you see in front of you is a blinding light and then nothing.

The whole city got destroyed.

The end.

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