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I tried to warn you — but you chose to dive headlong into a field of pinless hand grenades. Listen to me and look at me, it’s really over this time. Markets might bounce tomorrow due to MUH mean reversion — but the die has been cast and Jim Biden is powerless, tripping up stairs and fumbling into hyper inflation. The good halcyon days of when Trump would tweet racist shit and chastise the Fed for being faggots are over. Replacing it is a malevolency unseen since the dark and black days of when President Obama ripped apart the Middled East, limb by limb.

Alas, I am all but a mere servant to trends and the most obedient student of the market. I did liquidate my trading this morning and I did liquidate my long term dollar cost average account, not due to greed but fear. Now is not the time to leverage one’s account and wish for happy tidings. ‘Tis an era of doom and CATACLYSM, the hangover from a really bad night out.

Into the final hours of trade, I took some long directional bets just in case, one of which is in biotech. I am keenly aware of the risk, but at 85% cash, +12% MTD, I am prepared to forgo some equanimity in exchange for risk.

Cryptos are diving lower too and the sell off there looks even more severe. I am not prepared to sell out from my gigantic ETH position just yet, but have an open mind to doing it should the malignancy worsen.

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  1. it is showtime

    Where’s that trip back to 3980s. fedmUthers.

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  2. Orson

    Some reality?

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