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Small Cap Rout Deepens, Bubble Stocks in Turmoil

We are now encroaching on 40% losses for a number of high beta stocks. Oil collapsed by 6.66% today and everything sporting a growth rate sold. There were small pockets of strength in NFT related names, as well as pro lock down plays like PTON and ZM. There is chatter of renewed lockdowns, as the COVID variants spread like wildfire. Nothing can stop the scourge of COVID and crisis actors are on the move, heavily, in order to exact a brave new world.

Separately, it appears ISIS is back in the mix, after 4 years on holiday. The Colorado shooter is of Syrian descent and rather enjoyed ISIS podcasts.

In a world of madness and cataclysm, I can only suggest going SHORT in order to hedge against COLLAPSE. Things aren’t going too well and the downside is here and perhaps to stay. All of your dreams have been washed away with the sands of time and the ideas you had to ingratiate yourselves in the splendor of market grandeur — GONE FOREVER.

I offer nothing but cold hard facts and if this is uncomfortable for you to read — fuck off.

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