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100% CASH

My trading has evolved quite a bit these past two years, especially since starting and completing creating Stocklabs, which is finished now and only awaiting minor fixes to launch. If it seems I am in no rush to launch SL that is because I am in no rush to launch SL.

I normally sell everything at the open of trade these days and start new. The way stocks move now offer enough beta for me to reset daily and live off intra-day or overnight returns, instead of swing trading — which I view as antiquated now.

I liquidated everything this morning, booking 142bps in gains and then I took a 14 second trade in OPGN and made another 6%, upping my daily gains to 172bps. I am now 100% cash, not only because I am a guru Master Ace fucking genius — but because I had to drive my mother in law to the airport to depart back to NYC after a 4 month sojourn at House Fly. These circumstances weren’t by chance, naturally, as the Gods favour me in this regard and made sure I was out before the rug pull.

I offer zero advice, other than to suggest the SHITCOIN MANA is going higher. I also believe ETH will double this year, so any monies added into it here seem, ostensibly, like a wise decision.

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