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Struggling to Decide Where to Go Next

I took myself off margin and have seen my gains reduced from +6.5% to 5% intra-day. This is part and parcel when trading on margin. I am presently 17% cash and struggling between two narratives where to travel next.

On one hand, I like cryptos and sense the crypto derivative stocks, like CAN, RIOT and EBON, can trade up. On the other, it’s entirely possible the DIAMOND HANDED assholes in BTC will succumb to a little Zerohedging tonight, fucking these stocks.

The other option is to lever up long into the COMMODITY SUPER CYCLE. I feel supremely confident about Ag, Oil, and also Aluminum. However, the gains in the latter will be less than the former, should all boats rise swiftly. There is also the off-chance everything gets fucked and the sell off from yesterday and days prior was nothing more than an opening salvo into a market destined to bleed out its residents.

The sideways crab like trading action intra day emboldens me to this way of thinking. I could also hedge or just hold the fucking cash and quit having to make all of the money right away. But see, Le Fly grew up inside the sewer hole looking up and wants his money now. If something gets in my way of this money, I get angry and filled with rage and lash out like a savage.

I have about an hour to decide. I’ll report back after the close.

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