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When Markets Get Shattered, The Fly Shines Best

When you were panhandling for supper as a boy outside your housing tenements, Le Fly was navigating markets — undergoing severe lessons of a most caustic nature. I still have the scars about my face and head — ancient wars fought by an idealist Fly. These days I am grizzled and accustomed to chicanery and I see it coming.

Alas, as the indices swoon and your SHITCOINS get babooned, I am +230bps — positioning keenly and also smartly in inflation plays. In other words, I’m an oil man again — always have been ever since birth — traversing the bitumen fields with my balls and my glove.

My prognosis for the markets is mixed. I believe I shall persevere and do well, while at the same time I fear your time is up. The margin clerks are coming and will soon liquidate your bullshit brokerages, sending you back to work where you belong.

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    Yes. And select regional banks ripe for takeover. M&T just picked up a crappy northeast regional and paid a 13% premium. Take your pick, there’s plenty of them out there that pay a dividend while you wait. Some are well managed –

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