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It’s Sometimes Best to Be Early

Utilizing my new We Bull account I am able to trade as early as 4am. I house my YOLO overnight account there and have been utilizing it to sell fast and early on overnight trades. At 4am all pot stocks were up massively. I had ZYNE and HUGE both up 20%+ and bore witness to a hard fade by the time the faggots as Schwab got around to selling the stock at 8am.

I can tell you the volume is thin, but if you have an extreme runner, having the advantage to sell whilst everyone else is sleeping like a pussy is definitely worth your trouble.

If of course you value sleep over money, then go ahead and lose money in pot stocks at 8am.

My trading is up 200bps, YOLO off by 1%. I had to close out inverse ETFs this morning and pretty much sell everything in order to buy new stuff. I’ve been doing this for a while and I like the idea of renewal every single day.

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  1. edge

    I mentioned CAN a few days ago. Did really well but I’m out now. Looks toppy; I’ll get back in when conditions allow.
    4AM? I like it. The premarket seems to be more trader friendly.

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  2. 2 wheels

    Serious question – will there be a new “4am Trader” shirt added to the IBC Merch store?

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  3. tradercaddy

    I think you could trade individual stocks at that time is because Webull is Chinese owned and that is the time the members of the Communist Chinese Party do there trading.
    I know that because there is a lull at that time in torturing the Uighurs and smashing Democracy in Hong Kong.
    Fly, check your hard drive for embedded tracking devices.
    They know you as well as your dog Wolf knows you.

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