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Citron Hit With the Retarded Hammer — The People Will No Longer Accommodate

A wonderful thing has happened today — the good folks at Wall Street’s Bets on Reddit have gotten “angered” by yet another attempt by Citron Research to manipulate share prices via their fucking reports.

So this is how it allegedly works.

Hedge funds pay Citron for their “research.” Then, allegedly, Citron takes a position, publishes their report, enjoys cascading share price as unwashed plebs suck their dicks and adhere to their advice. In order for this to work, the plebs must comply. If they do not comply, the whole scheme, allegedly, falls apart.

Meanwhile the lads at WSB are working in the Citron salt mines now, layering in levels of pain upon Citron and their co-conspirators clients.

This is what happens when the people hold sway over the gatekeepers. You get disrupted and a standard deviation blow out.

Gamestop hit an all time high today, amidst plummeting fundamentals and a COVID-19 lockdown.

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  1. heckler

    It’s a beautiful hack and awesome to see the Shitron fucked faces and the firms getting a taste of their own dirty medicine. We are entering the era of ‘meme investing’ and it is going to be a lot of fun.

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  2. heckler

    I thought sentiment was supposed to be high where the fuck is everybody?

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  3. juice

    I remember when Carl ‘give me 10 seats on your fucking board’ Icahn & other big whale hedge funds tag-teamed against Montauk Bill and his 90 page very public short thesis presentation calling HLF (Herbal Life) a Ponzi scheme and a fraud worth zero.

    They bent Montauk Bill over, did their business at his expense in the public square.

    Good times.

    This is even better.

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