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The title is complete bullshit — clickbait nonsense. I am not here to teach any of you anything — God damned it. I am here to boast and revel in my own genius.


Earlier this morning I was summoned by my mother in law to ferry her about town to the doctor. Because of this circumstance, yours truly sold some of his magnanimous runners pre market. I was most fortune to be up 450bps before 9am.

I sold CIDM last night +13.4%
EMAN pre-mkt +30.33%
LCTX +34%

And then when markets opened, from my car, I sold WWR -13% and ALDX -9%. All seemed good and well — because I was up nearly 5% and enjoying my morning. Before settling in for a long wait as my mother in law ran about the clinic, I sold PTN +14.4%, OPTT +13%, XONE +6.7%, EOSE +6.7%, FUTU +8.5%, JKS +5.2%, HMI +3.8%, PUBM +3.2% — all before 10:15am.

As time drifted and I wasted away watching videos inside of my fucking car, I got restless — but didn’t feel comfortable buying stocks without my tools. So I sold some more — this time CLVS for +5.45%.

Now I felt like a long dicked champion. I had gains of 5.7% and was 70% cash, a true legend in the making. I could now relax and bear witness to the markets crumble beneath my hubris. But then I got restless again and I bought a little NAIL — just for a taste. The homies were breaking out and I figured a macro play on the sector was a good bet. That turned out to be a non-even thus far — but the magic was yet to begin.

I got back to the office by 3pm, fully caffeinated and ready to add to my gains. Stocks had stabilized and people inside Exodus were feeling good — but a bit sluggish.

My first purchase to liven things up was KRKR aka The Kraken. It went down almost immediately and members inside the Pelican Room succumbed to it because they were weak and didn’t have what it took to hold the line.

Then I did the following in and out trades — all inside a matter of minutes.

GSAT +8.3%
ITP +6.1%
MDGS +3.4% (from yesterday)
YQ +4.7%
RCON +4%
FTOC +4.6%

And finally, as the room con-caved on The Kraken, Le Fly doubled down his bets at -10% and inside of 3 mins sold the entire position, 10% weighted, for a 2.8% profit.

All in all, I closed the day up 7.8%, 16 for my last 16 — currently up 31% for the month — 35% cash.

Is this to be expected daily? Yes, that is correct. I intend to do this every single day and if trades go against me, I might not ever sell — but instead opt for a rich man’s Martingale Stratagem — doubled down each time until profit is enjoyed.

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  1. it is showtime

    Hi inner wall st CB circle


    I just named a number
    you cant get the S&P
    to hit. Can’t even touch.
    have a good day

    In February of 2017, I picked out a word.
    On the record, I predicted that word would:
    accelerate in the news cycle, and then, manifest.
    That word Un Prec Edent Ed coursed the timeline and
    blewout, (manifested), when a black swan hit 3 years later.

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  2. tradercaddy

    So your Mother In Law has been there since Thanksgiving.
    Who knew that the Fly is a mensch (or Mrs. Fly has something on him).
    I sense a Mother In Law suite going up at the Fly household.
    At least have her take your Wolf out for the daily walks.

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  3. juice

    unreal … there is no stopping Señor Tropicana

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