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Value Stocks Slumber While Momentum Barnstorms Ahead

I got fucked a little with Amazon’s latest foray into healthcare, sending shares of MCK and CVS sharply to the downside. I sold both and moved on, -7 and -9% respectively. I don’t hold anything, lest I’m super confident, after -10%. This was close enough for me.

I rolled the proceeds into two ancillary crypto stock plays, as BTC big dick moves higher, steamrolling towards new record highs. I am, as you know, very bullish on ETH and expect it to trade into the thousands at some point this decade.

Overall mixed bag for me, quant up, trading down. I’m not at the home office, so I’m not slaving in front a series of screens today, jerking off to moving averages. Nevertheless, I see momentum is back in play with alt energy and EV stocks popping off, leaving my old man stocks in the fucking dust.

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