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Now that I am a deep value investor, I have little to do. Ergo, I walked into my job, professional blogger/trader at 2pm and won’t apologize for it either. Life is grande, albeit a tad moribund. This morning, before I went on a sojourn, I booked the following VALUE trades for profit.

FSR +10.7%, KNDI +6.6%, CLNE +5.6%

I also closed out my SQQQ hedge for a 5% loss, making my “hedging” expeditions 100% unprofitable over the past decade.

I have since slithered away into a dark crevasse, knowing my portfolio is both safe and secure, presently higher by 115bps. While it’s true, on the surface stocks look great, with the Dow up more than 300 — but it’s all a facade, a sick and decaying veneer. If you look closely, hideous monsters are abound. SAAS stocks are lower by more than 1% and dare I say high growth beta cuck plays are off by 1.5%.

I am 5% cash, closing out the week with dignity and honor. Into the final hours of trade, I might, perhaps, chance upon one of those degenerate high growth names for sport, to have a laugh or two. Maybe I might appeal to one of you Robinhood traders, drunk with margin calls, and convince you to purify your body and soul by way of a DEEP VALUE portfolio.

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  1. emersonlakepalmer


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  2. tradercaddy

    You could have even gone off and played tennis for awhile and never missed a beat.
    I had 3 aces going this AM in our daily doubles matches (on clay courts) before I broke a couple of strings. I just had it restrung too.
    But don’t be too impressed with the 3 aces (I’ve had more). I say this when I tell you about the older folks I play with:
    Four of the usual players are out with either knee or hip surgery recovery.
    “Shuffling George” passed away a year ago (RIP).
    “Miami Rick” had a surgeon drill in his head a few months ago and he is still out.
    “Diabetes Steve” needs to lose about 100 pounds.
    “Lefty Steve” thinks he is playing badminton.
    “Golden Gloves Steve” ( ex NJ amateur boxer) hits a hard ball but never knows where it goes.
    “Chicago Dave” is 84 years old- don’t need to say anymore.
    “NYC cop Frank” is not too bad.
    “Notre Dame Al” has a bad back and is thinking about surgery.
    “Chicago Dave No.2” has some kind of neurological thing going on in his legs and only plays for 40 minutes or so before he leaves.
    Now you know why I had 3 aces.
    I’m beginning to think why I didn’t have more.
    I hope they don’t read this blog.

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  3. soupbone

    most don’t work at all, at least not for a boss figure…

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