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Losing Coin, But Like a Gentleman

Gone are the days of Le Fly day trading for sport and pleasure — in are the days of Gentleman Fly, who is of course BOOZE FREE, positioning into the marketplace with both style and grace, leisurely perusing the markets and losing coin with panache.

I will be back to trading soon enough — but for now I am opting for a more “broad spectrum” approach, whereby I hold a pastiche of large cap stocks and trade around them with runners. For today, such a stratagem has yielded a -0.8% return. Of course I am angry at this loss and curse some of the stocks that got me here, but I am never seen losing my cool or acting in a way that is counter-Gentleman.

Yes, I have pared down some positions, those underperforming and yes I am actively looking for new stocks to fulfill my fixation on change. But I’m not going to pare down to a large cash position and solely rely upon my trading prowess for returns right now. Franky, that is no way to live a life and it burns you out fast. The net result of a portfolio of ghastly firecrackers is ruin and cataclysm, in that order. It tethers you non-stop to the screen, sears your fucking eyeballs straight out from your head, and keeps you dancing on the tip of a needle — because the second you walk away — BAM! your shit is down a quick 25%.

No thanks and fuck you.

Gentleman Fly comports himself in a manner that is consistent with modern trading etiquette from the very best people in America.

Into the slow drawing molasses hours of 1-3pm I intend to WALK THE FUCKING DOGS, grab a bite, casually glance at the monitor whilst reading a fine book. If motivated, purchase some equities, and then go back to reading my book. I might even, if I might be so bold, smoke my estate pipe and eat a piece of pumpkin pie.

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    booze-free means youre sipping hard liquor only right ?

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