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FLAT, Like a Gentleman

I recovered all of earlier losses, with very little trading, because the universe reached back and grabbed me by my lips and tossed me forward, as a gentleman of my stature and circumstance should. It wasn’t easy watching the market do nothing throughout the day, but I managed to remain entertained through a little of this, and a little of that.

Note of importance: nothing stops the pressure higher. However, if you’re trading today’s hot stock — you are literally playing financial roulette. There has been a rotation into more macro oriented plays. If you don’t believe me, look at CLF, X and other big industrials. Fact of the matter is, momentum stocks are no longer pistol hot. Recognize that you’ve been climbing a slippery wall of feces and fall back into the bosom of the market — grab macro exposure and let the rippers populate a minor part of your exposure.

I closed out the week down nearly 200bps, making that two bad weeks in a row. However, I am still up 5% for the month and possess an unreal mind for this business and will, without question, outstrip you. You might try to do better than me, but you’ll fall flat on your fucking faces — as you should.

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  1. roguewave

    Willy Woo
    · Oct 7
    This is one of the few times in my Bitcoin career where the fundamentals (on-chain data and metrics from infrastructure players) are in moon mode, yet the market is not woke to it. They will be by 2021. This is an opportunity I’ve not seen since mid-2016.

    — My guess is that BTC jaggedly moves higher into next year when 350 million PayPal fags will have the opportunity to buy/sell crypto within the PayPay walled garden.

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  2. rangersfan

    Recognize that you’ve been climbing a slippery wall of feces and fall back into the bosom of the market. Your a talented writer, I mean that without sarcasm

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