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Small Caps Surge — Stabilizing Robinhood Margin Calls

Robinhood traders have been saved. A miraculous reversal in the smallest of caps is upon you — small pieces of shit flying off the handle. While, at the same time, 75% of mega cap stocks are lower for the session.

The NASDAQ is still off 85 and I still have my SQQQ position. However, I have since added a flurry of smaller capped names in an flaccid attempt to be one with the Robinhood cadre of trader — 5 fig account shopped right out from hell into the world of high finance.

Miserably, I am down for the session and I have indeed boarded the ark, via TLT — but today’s tape, as of now, looks ok.

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  1. bill.bat

    Can’t post on twitter today bro, got a time out for replying this to Jim Cramer’s “Fistly” post:
    “@jimcramer Fist and behind, are you wearing your gimp suit tonight?”

    Guess I hit to close to home. Enjoy your day.
    bill.bat %0|%0

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