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Markets Are Down And That Makes My Eyes Water

NASDAQ is off 50 and the US just took over 4 Iranian oil ships en route to Venezuela. Fuck yeah — America baby. Take your oil elsewhere. The western continent is full.

Aside from being sad the market is off by 50 NASDAQs, I blew a trade in BLNK this morning — mainly because I am slothful and disgraceful. I had stood up later than usual last night and missed the opportunity to sell premarket, whilst it was SHARPLY higher. I cannot stress this enough, so listen to me very quietly.

If you’re working from home, like most of us are now, maintain a healthy enough schedule to ensure you’ll be awake by a minimum of 8:30am. If you’re waking up after the market opens, you’re already a dinosaur and the day has been ruined. If you sleep thru a trade, like I did today, you will feel rotten to your core, and deservedly so.

So far I booked two profits, upping cash to 35%, eagerly awaiting for an upside reversal.

INO +7.5%
APT +3%

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  1. ericbakerbruce

    8:30am??? Most productive people have already been awake, exercised, showered and shaved, for at least three hours.

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  2. tradercaddy

    I played two sets of tennis by 9:45 AM. Played singles which I usually don’t do, played on a hard court which I usually don’t do, and played against a guy who played some tennis tournaments in Bermuda back in the day. Every part of my body is now sore.
    After years and years of underperformance is it time for value stocks to catch up to growth. It’s been trying the last few weeks so we shall see.

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