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Yes, I am a virulent capitalist and I cannot help myself. When hurricanes hit, instead of worrying about people — I create watchlists of stocks for the purposes of profit. When the BLM movement started and riots broke out, I was buying glass manufactures to replace all of the shattered dreams. When the black pride thing hit the other day, at least at a fevered pitch, I bought a basket of black owned businesses.

It’s harder than it looked — not many out there.

I now stand before you a most profitable man, yet again. I do not say these things to trivialize the cause, as I know it’s life and death to many people. I tip my hat to black Americans who are just trying to raise their kids in a safe environ.

But I had to do it.

I sold my BLM themed stocks in the pre-market. I could’ve gotten a lot higher on BYFC — but I got what I got and I don’t complain.

UONEK +53%
CARV +7.2%
AMS +14.6%
BYFC +55%

See pal, you’ve got to be an extreme asshole, a virulent one, to be successful at this racket.

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