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On the run this morning and I’m not really in the game now, since I’m not at the turret and still loaded with cash. I got rid of my semi shorts yesterday and gold long. I see one strong identifiable trend and that is short squeeze.

Buy stocks with a high percentage of the float sold short with strong technicals and watch it rise.

Three come to mind now: TSLA, BYND, and TLRY.

There are more, obviously. The market is climbing in spite of it making sense. No sell offs. Anyone who shorted recently is in pain. You can use that to profit by applying pressure.

Try a few.

Got to run.

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  1. heckler

    Just buy some shit from your phone Fly it doesn’t even matter

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  2. og

    Got some of TLRY. What a squeeze.

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  3. numbersgame

    John Williams has spent nearly 25 years at the FED, the chief regulator of the fiancial industry. He is now the President of the NY Fed, arguably one of the top 5 most powerful finacial regualtory positions in the world. Here is what he has to say:

    “Instances of fraud, money laundering, and scandals related to foreign exchange and LIBOR continue to make the headlines.

    ****This behavior puts a spotlight on the essential role of robust regulation and strict enforcement.****

    But illicit and unethical behavior is rarely the result of an isolated “bad apple.” It’s more often the symptom of a rotten culture. And rotten cultures don’t appear overnight—nor for that matter do positive, inclusive ones, where people feel empowered and accountable to upholding the values of the organization.

    Culture is created—intentionally or otherwise—by the structures, incentives, and behavioral norms that shape our working lives.”

    After that he brags about the culture at the organizations he has been CEO of: two FED banks. Talk about clueless. If he really recognizes the bad culture in the finacial industry and doesn’t see the FED’s role in ecouraging such risky behavior, that says more about the culture at the NY Fed than anything else in his speech:

    1) protect the FED,
    2) Protect the banks



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  4. it is showtime

    you see why you were wrong to ask why are people buying this?
    around 1500 s&p pts ago.
    there was always a master level buyer, warped version of buyer of last resort.
    it was never people, managers, institutions chasing, anticipating, exuberating, driving.
    moving or pushing indexes into actual boombust territory.
    (and now, of course, hyper surging a full near vertical leg on top of, the already-extreme)
    was never about longterm t/a resistance or top or prior bubble top levels

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