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Mixed Bag — Spent the Day Discussing 90s Fashion

I sold SRPT for a 2.7% gain, and I also bought 5 more stocks — one of which was an average down. Other than that, I had a pretty meaningless day, both listless and moribund. Inside the Pelican Room, we discussed important topics, such as 90s styles in garments, from giant polo logos to cross colors clown jeans. I am ashamed at how I used to dress myself, clad in the gaudiest of colors and fabrics. These days I simply walk my halls in a robe and slippers, pipe clenched between my teeth, yelling at people online.

It should be noted, my German counterpart is working tirelessly on Exodus 2.0, aka Stocklabs. He had promised me a working beta by 12/1, but I seriously doubt it could be done. If he fails to produce a working beta, he promised to saw off both of his arms, terms that I gratefully accepted.

Click onto the link above and sign up for the beta trial. The more people who sign up the greater pressure he’s under.

Markets were soft — but I’m not concerned. Tomorrow is a Friday and it’s possible we can slide lower. But even if we did, no way I am shorting into National Festival week. As we speak, large mouthed Americans are preparing to ingest massive amounts of sweet potatoes and greened beans and pecan pies. There is little in the way of wanton degeneracy and feel good increases in share prices.

Off to take an afternoon shower.

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    “TSLA is a dunkshot for $375. Prove me wrong.”
    – The Fly

    “All I know is that Tesla‚Äôs trck announcement on Nov 21 is a sell-the-news opportunity.”
    – Numbersgame


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