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The Devils At $SCHW in Talks to Acquire $AMTD

Let’s analyze the timeline of events that led us here.

SCHW reduces their commissions to zero, the first real online brokerage firm to do so (Robinhood doesn’t count) — BOGGING competitors like AMTD who rely heavily on commissions for their bottom line. Desperate to retain customers, AMTD follows suit and their stock gets fucking hammered as a result.

With the stocks down from its highs and the company scrambling to replace 25% of its revenues, SCHW steps in and bids to acquire AMTD.

Machiavellian plan complete.

AMTD is up ~30% in the pre-market.

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  1. cancel19

    Surprised to see no comments. Well I hope Schwab doesn’t fuck up my TDA SOS platform! I’m already pissed over the elimination of prophet charts.

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