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Biotech Lottery Tickets; Which is the Next One to Go?

Big fucking move out of KRTX the past two days. Basically the stock 10x and even went higher after a secondary offering was announced. Surreal shit. It all has the feel of end of cycle garbagio high stakes gambling from the last two guys at the table. Nevertheless, I am one of those guys and partook in a little chicanery into the close.
BIG FUCKING MOVERS in healthcare today. Some of them are recent IPO’s, thinly traded piece of shits — totally and unequivocally lottery tickets. Am I right?

Here are some that crossed my radar today.
MYOV +120%, ATNX +37%, FULC +30%, CABA +29%, MDCO +19%, CRSP +18%, CYAD +16%, CALA +16%, MGTA +16%, SRRK +14%, ODT +13%, ETNB +13%, PRVL +12%, DRNA +12%, WVE +12%, OSMT +12%, AXLA +12%, MTEM +12%, SDC+11%, XBIT +11%, ARQL +11%, LVGO +11%, AXSM +11%, CLVS +11%, TBIO +10%, BCYC +10%, NTLS +10%, EVEN +10%, ARDX +10%, GOSS +8%, NERV +8%.
Understand something, faggots, this is NOT normal trading behavior. This is arch- degenerate end of days final hurrah — fuck you — you’re dead shorts trading — designed to fuck shorts so hard — they’ll be motivated to build time machines, go back to their date of conception and abort themselves.

Choose your poison.

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  1. juice

    “… they’ll be motivated to build time machines, go back to their date of conception and abort themselves.”

    EPIC line by Monsieur le Fly

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  2. numbersgame

    So buying smallcap biotech is like lottory tickets – shorting them (individually) is like rummaging through garbage looking for a winning lottory ticket that someone actually threw away. Or maybe it’s like sorting through the garbage behind a biotech firm, looking for some dirt on a failed trial and hoping not to get stabbed by a a needle. Choose your analogy.

    You can short them as a group, when the time is right.

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  3. numbersgame

    ROKU is no longer trading like cocaine, so i added to my short position.

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