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Bullshit Day — Jogging On Now; The Fly Conquers WallStreetsBets

Market breadth is at 54% and the most exciting part of my day is making fun of the millennial RETARDS on WallStreetBets — who by the way — fucking BANNED my account there from commenting.

Here are my private conversations, in an attempt to unban myself

Taking a personal day today, got some stuff to do with Mrs. Fly. Life is good — will be cavorting in Chapel Hill this evening. Should you run across me and ask for an autograph, prepare for a stiff roundhouse to the jaw for interrupting me.


UPDATE: The fucker who banned me got himself banned by the founder of WSB. The Fly wins again.

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  1. it is showtime

    D R V likes the rate movement Brah
    another pa–thetic pump session ppt
    couldnt even get all 3 indexes green!

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  2. numbersgame

    Has Exodus hit OverBought yet? Everything else has. However, “trade deal close”, so just keep buying….

    Back-to-back ATH gaps: really think they will remain unfilled? Best hoe for Bulls is a lot of sideways thrashing slowly down.
    “Bull have the lead and the ball. Best move is to just keep handing it to their runiing back, hoping to run out the clock.”

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