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NO DEAL: Markets Dive Lower After Chinese Trade Officials Cut Their Visit to U.S. Short

News hit the tape that Chinese officials told America to fuck off and cut their visit short and stocks dove lower.

Is this disaster?

No, it’s more of the same horseshit. Trump has been bullshitting us about a prospective trade deal with China for years now. There will never be a deal, just more tariffs.

Is this the end?

No, but it does mean gold catches a bid and we might possibly meander lower for the next week or two.

Act now?

Possibly. I wouldn’t be opposed to hedges or even some gold here.

Can we reverse higher into Le Bell?

Yes, which is why I prefer to buy stocks towards the end of the day.

Good luck.

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  1. ferd

    Xi pray options?

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  2. Black Swan

    “Trump has been bullshitting us…” It’s weird how you think there is actually something else at play here. What the fuck informs your views? There is nothing back there, just a vacuous narcissist who does not have a clue of his role and is incapable of an original thought. You voted for this muppet so don’t complain.

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    • metalleg

      You’re so right. We’d be so much better off with Hillary as our President.

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  3. omfgitsjd

    Politician personalities aside, the human rights Bill about Hong Kong from the left and the overall trade consternation from the right is currently trending. Not sure where it goes, but it is there.

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