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I’ve had this fucking DICK TEA (DTEA) for a long time, always falling back on the notion that this piece of shit Canadian retailer would need some sort of business disruption to save itself from getting BOGGED. That disruption should come in the form of drugs, cannabis tea. I’m sitting on this fucker, waiting for news to break.

Long from $1.39 and I doubled up above $2, at these levels — zero fucks given because the Gods favour me and I know it.

So many moving parts today, as I swished out of APRN for a 12% 30 min sojourn, in addition to gains in BYND, STMP and AVP. I’m sitting in a few fast runners, waiting for them to Ben Johnson the fuck out of my portfolio.

We’re all hobbits now in a post Orc world, sashaying throughout the prairie eating strawberries and cream.

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  1. it is showtime

    That right-side of the game of chicken getting “damn” close
    Mccabe criminal abuse of power introduced
    Comey criminal abuse of power introduced
    I.G. larger Fisa abuse of power upcoming
    Epstein pretzel will be ongoing despite hit job

    1 Surprised they’re teasing & pushing new Aths? Predicted.
    2 Would they have run the smokescreen bogus bs Mueller operation without having something additional fallback? Predicted.
    3 Are stock indexes at this point a complete fullblown shock detriment to their 2020 D preference outcome? Outlined from the beginning.
    4 Do those power brokers and overseers kinda know that’s the case? Pregamed.

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    • rigged game

      The real abuse is by a piece of shit Citizen Abuser
      Donald Trump, who fucks the farmers, merchants,
      working man and the environment.

      A Fat Lying Clown who is WRONG ON EVERYTHING.

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  2. spaceman

    Would anybody like a few gold or silver coins? I am beginning to think about this good for my metal I mean mental health damn Klonopins days like this force me to fall in love with them I promise by giving away 75% of my assets will make me poor but I will NEVER take another one.

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  3. one-eighty

    I’m liking all the Canucklehead references. Hope you got to ride the Shopify train.

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  4. moosh

    Thanks FLY. ARWR is my bird. What do you think on the biotech space smedium term?

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