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September CRASH?

September is the worst month of the year, as junior from the trading turret gets pushed aside for Mr. Big Shot fund manager returning from his summer at St. Barts.

All of the wonderful things are present for a crash — insane twitter account at POTUS, inverted yield curve, Zerohedge readership at record highs etc. The democrats are running around talking about bullshit, and the integrity of the Federal Reserve has been decimated to be less than the N. Korean regime of torture and murder.

Over at the Exodus Quant, my monthly adjusted quantitative investment stratagem, I gained 1.2% for the month of August — 15% weighted GLD. Going forward, the quant will be 20% GLD and 5% TLT, the balance in growth stocks.

The sole purpose of this stratagem is growth, but with a hedge. During times of duress, the quant barrels in headlong into GLD and TLT — because of their historically defensive posture against SPY.

YTD, here are the results of this strategy.

Jan: +6.6%
Feb: +7.2%
March: +2.6%
April: -0.2%
May: +0.6%
June: +3.5%
July -0.8%
August +1.2% (preliminary)

A wonderful Sharpe, believe me.

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  1. spaceman

    Things are really going good for me now I hope Hong Kong is invaded by China and wrecks that financial center that would be fantastic.

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    • moosh

      Keep on rocking man. Looking forward to the self absorbed numbers whatever vs spaceman battle of no one gives a fuck. Rooting for you dawg

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  2. dragun

    nice numbers Fly. whats the max draw down? Sortino should be nice judging by the monthlies.


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  3. omfgitsjd

    My bearish vision was clouded some by rate cuts and the printing press, but the things you’ve mentioned are impossible to ignore. A bull out of the FAG Box followed by an angry bear attack? Who knows.

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  4. roguewave

    More on silver & gold
    I haven’t listened to this stuff for 2 years. Perhaps we are at a ____ point?

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