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The Extraordinary Danger of This Decline

Rates are collapsing this morning, with the 10yr touching down at 1.62%. Futures are -300 and gold is soaring above $1,500. While this might seem like an ordinary decline, it is anything but ordinary.

Since 2008, we’ve depended on the Federal Reserve to bail us out of jams. Whether you agree with the policies or not doesn’t matter. The reality is, the S&P bottomed at 666 in 2009 and we’ve been going up since then — mainly because of Fed policies to buttress markets. With Trump demanding the Fed acquiesce to his demands under the menace of being fired, the dynamic of the Fed being a holy and sanctimonious organization whose sole purpose is to be smart and place a bid in markets is now gone. Finished. They’ve been compromised and because of that, rendered persona non grata.

What sort of market will this be with the Fed being a non-player, simply abiding by a rank amateur Trump by slashing rates at record highs and then watching in horror as markets reel lower thanks to an acceleration of the US-China trade war?

Here’s Trump this morning, rendering the Fed even more useless and pathetic.

If you’re thinking markets will bounce back sharply because MUH BTFD — good luck. This time it’s different — because this time the Fed is off the table. Now we have Trump dictating foreign policy and Fed policy — pissed the fuck off after 3 years of inane Russiaphobia via Mueller, ebbing into an election campaign that is sure to be rife with disgusting rhetoric and emotions on tilt.

Watch for yields breaking below 1.5% towards record lows and keep a close eye on crude breaking $50 to the downside. Gold should be, inexorably, a staple in your portfolios, along with cash. Shorting below $180 on the Qs is a layup trade.

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