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Solid Day — Look For a Gap Fill on the Nasdaq

If you walked away like me and only observed the end of day price action — you’ve got to be bullish on this close. The Nasdaq, barring another Trump tweet, is likely to gap fill a bit higher from here and offer some upside to long dicked bulls now. Weak longs got pressed the fuck out of their positions today, with the whipsaw action scaring Junior at the trading turret until he shit his pants.

I booked a profit in DRIP and also averaged down in ZEN.

Solid as fuck close, one worth betting on.

That’s all I have, other than watch out for Trump’s revenge on President Xi. Anything can happen out there — wild times.

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  1. metalleg

    Perhaps straddles would be the way to go here given a big move is straight ahead without knowing which way it’s going to move?

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