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Stepping Aside For a Minute to Let Some Other People Win

You know how you slow down in a footrace with a child in order to let them win? Fake being slow in order to let this little person brimming with sensitive feelings win in order to feel great? That’s what I’m doing here by selling out one of my losers. BAM! I sold MOMO for an 8% loss. “The Fly” fucking sucks now. You’re the best — go book some gains and tell your followers that you’re better than me.

I’ll let you bask in the warm sunshine for a little bit until I snatch the crown back again, and resume my unworldly winning streak of profit.

Look at me, I’m fallible. I picked the Chinese GRINDR and got lit up in it. I have no fucking idea what I’m doing here, even though I just booked a fucking masterful day trade win in APRN yesterday. But we’ll forget about that and pretend it didn’t happen. We’ll also pretend that I’m not 9 for my last 12 trades with even more wins unrealized on the books. I’m thinking about taking the day off — because that’s what winners do. We take days off. We wake up whenever we want to wake up and bust out a few +$10k profitable trades, and then we drink Rum daiquiris all day long in the sun — basking in the sun.

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