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Not the Worst Spot to Take Some Profits

Futures are indicating another +100. Everything else is strong but shitcoins. If you sold here and came back in September, you’d be an idiot — but not the worst type of idiot. The worst type of idiot are the one’s who sold in May in order to ‘take the summer off.’ Markets have been red-hot and one should expect the air to come out of it — even just a little.

This morning I was awoken by municipal trucks backing up and dumping rocks in my culd-e-sac. Then some other trucks came by and picked up said rocks, again backing up with that very loud beeping sound. After that, some crew members chatted up outside my house with their fucking hard hatted big mouths — laughing and having a gay time.

Now there are some more trucks coming with large planks of wood — because they’re digging up all of the sewers in the neighborhood…just because.

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  1. bennyhill

    When I moved from the suburbs to the city it got much quieter. Those leaf blowers and lawn mowers were running all weekend long in the suburbs. Now I live on a quiet peaceful one-way side street in the city and it’s so peaceful.

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  2. awanka

    I had similar thoughts today and booked some TSLA calls. I think odds are quite good that our orange friend will get bored and do something to rattle the markets.

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