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Heavily Long Olde Man Stocks Into the Summer Doldrums

I’m not bearish, per se — but I definitely don’t think we have large dicked gains ahead of us. As a matter of fact, if I woke up to the market down 900 points, based off some trade war bullshit news, I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t awaken from my slumber with the idea of stocks being so undervalued that I must convert into a foaming mouthed bull-tard moron. No, I simply play the tape for what it is, with a deep under-current of extreme hatred not too much beneath the bubbly exterior (this is me being bubbly).

I have a shotgun to the face pick and I really want to give it to you now — but I won’t. Is that fucked up or not? I’ve been giving free stocks picks on the site since 2008 and I think in many ways it has cheapened the quality of said picks. For example, my recent foray into the market, previous 17 picks or so, would’ve netted someone upwards of 90%, had they gone all in on each pick. Do I brag endlessly about this and discuss my “high IQ” stocks advice as being something of an unbelievably gift to the readership? No, I never do that. But heading into the relaunch of Exodus 2.0, as we are in the process of totally rewriting the platform, I think it’s appropriate for me to truly give something back to the good folks who are members of Exodus 1.0, in the form of my undivided devotion to the platform.

For the time being, the picks stay inside of the walled gardens.

Markets look strong early going — gold is weak, however, as well as crude. For the bulls to get an erection, we’ll need bond yields to spike. I don’t see that happening. Ergo, I am long a sundry, mind you, of value stocks aka olde man stocks — eagerly awaiting for that exuberance to wear off.

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