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GET IN HERE: This is How You Play This Tape

Enough of your nonsense. I’ve entertained it for too long. The sky is falling now — midnight on Wall Street. AVGO missed earnings, thanks to China. Now you have 3 major semis (NVDA, INTC, AVGO) in the penalty box.

Do I have your attention?

Broadcom leads a plunge in chip stocks after the chipmaker missed revenue expectations and lowered guidance.

Broadcom’s revenue for the fiscal second quarter came in at $5.52 billion vs. expectations of $5.68 billion.

The chipmaker also said it now expects $22.60 billion in revenue for fiscal 2019, well bellow the $24.31 billion seen by analysts

The 10yr is now at 2.06% and heading lower. The way you play this tape is accordingly:

Heavy cash, upwards of 30%
Long bonds, via TLT or TMF for leverage
Gold, via JNUG, GDX, or JNUG
Value stocks and REITs, because the money will scramble for yield with rates dropping
Hedges via inverses for TRADES only

When the market collapsed in late 2018, stocks like TR and PG went higher. Gold is on the cusp of a 7 year breakout to the upside, and most of you fuckers are still trying to buy SOXL. But what if the summer truly brings doldrums and what if we retested the January lows? The fundamentals seem to be the same, if not worse. The complacency is outrageously belligerent, with financial advisors sucking each other’s dicks for jobs well done. They haven’t done anything but sit in their chairs and received the gifts bestowed down from the Fed.

If the Morgan Stanley indicator is of any use, we should be trading defensively now. Plus anyway, it’s a Friday and we all know markets do not bottom on fucking Fridays.

Happy trading — see you inside Exodus.

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  1. ferd

    You failed to even mention that the diabolical Iranians, no doubt employing some sort of Mohammedan magic, attacked a Japanese tanker above the water-line using below-the-water-line mines.

    Relatedly, the NYT’s reported this morning that the very name Iran is of Nazi origin: “a Foreign Ministry memorandum acknowledged that the idea for the change (from Persia to Iran) came from the Persian Legation in Nazi Berlin. The imperial court was reportedly swayed by claims that Iran was the ancient homeland of an Aryan race”

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  2. gsofield

    I’m just a “piker” but totally agree shit looks ugly. What will it take to break the backs of the BTFD mentality that’s pervasive? Everyone believes the FED will rescue the markets or Trump will fire off some tweets that keep the bulls buying.

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