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Trump: ‘Tariffs Are a Beautiful Thing’

Tired of winning yet? Not only do you get a roaring stock market and a great big beautiful southern border wall paid for by Mexico — you also get lower interest rates, because Trump wants stocks higher by another 10,000 points from here. If you short stocks now, you will be dickless for sure. There is nothing on this planet that can stop Trump, not even Mueller. He is, essentially, impervious to the pangs of civil and non-civil society. He is able to operate inside and outside of the law without regard for ramifications or collateral damage.

If he wants to blow up Iran on Tuesday — he will. If he chooses to sink the Dow 900 points on Wednesday, nothing will stop him. He does as he likes, at his pleasure, whenever he wants.

Trump declares tariffs are a ‘beautiful thing’. In other words, prepare for MOAR.

President Trump doubles down on his tariff strategy after a border security deal reached with Mexico.

“People haven’t used tariffs, but tariffs are a beautiful thing when you are the piggy bank, when you have all the money. Everyone is trying to get our money,” Trump says during an impromptu interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Trump says his threat to impose tariffs on Mexico encouraged the country to agree to stronger immigration enforcement, and he predicts the strategy will be successful with China.

Keep your rape kits handy, especially if you’re heavily invested up here. We are just 1 caravan away from Trump rescinding on the Mexican deal and 1 failed meeting with China from Trump flowering Xi with another $300b in goods to be heavily taxed by America, the Piggy Bank.

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  1. skunkbuttstew

    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, $22T of Debt and a Massive Trade Deficit is a Piggy Bank/Greatest Economy Ever.

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  2. wingstradamus

    July 289 Puts for $5.11 premium… I’m feeling dangerous

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