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Afternoon lads.

Since the Exodus FREE TRIAL disaster scourge has ended and I am NO LONGER PROVIDING YOU FUCKERS WITH STOCK PICKS HERE — you’re without paddle in a ruinous rocky river.

DO NOT FEAR. You can still steal from me — but it’ll take more effort to build a system out of it.

The Exodus algos run for free on FreeStockAlgos dot com.

You’re welcome!

Here are the top rated ETFs in Exodus now. LOOK AT THEM.

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  1. edge

    Your Goodness is far above that of us lowly scoundrels, oh Generous Fly.

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  2. lastbid

    stop fucking shilling your flipflop service, it is embarrASSing
    most of your viewers come for the entertainment and not for your sheep tips

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  3. edge

    Ok sold TVIX -.10.
    I think we have a stalled out market with some things doing a little better than others. Bought real estate and utes, short chips via SOXS.
    Still in miners and TLT.

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