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Everyone is making money today but me. I just sold out of FTCH for a one day 8% loss — because I had bought it just before earnings were reported. I’m down on NUGT, down on my DRIP, down on my RIOT, down on my DTEA, down on my GROW — down down down down. The only stock that I’m up on is FTDR. The balance of my trading account, 60% of it is in cash.

My life has bee upended and uprooted by this move. For those just tuning in, I decided to sell my house and move to the Raleigh area of NC to become a southern gentleman of extreme qualities. I thought it’s be an easy task. I was wrong. Over the years, I’ve accumulated so much shit — it’s annoying. “It’ll all be over soon,” I keep telling myself.

Moving on, only 68% of stocks are up, so I can’t be the only loser out here. Am I? Is it possible?

On the bright side, 75% of my money is invested quantitatively and it’s up 1.31% for the day. Hence the term, “The Fly” always wins, even when he appears to be losing badly (sad face, throws self into lit fireplace wrapped in a burlap poncho).

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  1. ferd

    Have you brushed-up on your snake-handling and chosen a megachurch yet? Here’s a listing for your convenience:

    “Seven of the fastest-growing Protestant churches in the nation are located in the Triangle. Outreach Magazine listed the 100 fastest growing churches in the nation and seven in Central North Carolina made the list.

    #8) Elevation Church

    #20) World Overcomers

    #22. Newhope Church

    #37 The Point Church

    #38 Manna Church

    #74. Hope Community

    #98. The Summit Church”

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  2. mx2101

    Fly, Good chance you will enjoy the milder climate in North Carolina.

    Btw 23 years ago I packed all my possessions in the trunk of a Toyota Camry and headed across the country. Only an overnight bag in the passenger compartment with me.

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