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LOOK AT ME: I’m a Crypto Tycoon Now

At the height of the crypto craze, the complex was worth ~$800 billion. Tonight, as you trade in and out of your favorite shit-coins, the complex is worth $280 billion.

Clearly, one cannot stop the future. Ergo, with that logic, there is another $500 billion in wealth up for grabs until we get back to record highs.

As for me, I dealt myself a serious claw-hammer punch to the nose when I bought the cryptos near the top, and then watched with an odd indifference as my Binance account shrunk by 90% inside of 6 months. But now shit is popping again and retards have fired up their Binance accounts and are back to sharing ideas on their private Discord channels.

Let me share my idea with you right now.

Name of the shitcoin is Aelf — and it’s going a lot fucking higher.

Why you ask? Because, man — they’re decentralizing the cloud, bro. They’re leveraging cloud nodes and securing transactions via the Blockchain, and various ‘side chains.’ Oh, you’re not up on the side chains yet? Well here’s your chance.

The tech is so awesome and amazing that I didn’t even need to place my magic rocks in the moonlight tonight for good luck. While my dogs might shit on the floor and piss on the rugs whenever the please, Le Fly does have an opportune here to extricate himself from this miserable existence and CATAPULT HIMSELF out from this upper middle class hell-hole and into Elysium (not death heaven, but something close) — all on the backs of ELF and other shitcoins to come.

As of this moment in time, my entire crypto account is in ELF.

I’m a Tycoon now, a crypto expert, master of the side chain, mogul of all things decentralized.

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  1. hardy har har

    dr fly…leave crypto for the true degens…I only come here for your oil stock picks

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  2. numbersgame

    Here’s the white paper, not that anyone cares

    So here is one of the “problems” they are trying to solve:
    “1.2. Performance Limitation of Sequential Processing
    As a Blockchain is more and more widely used, especially handling large scale
    transactions, its transaction processing capacity is under tremendous pressure using
    sequential processing, resulting in the bottleneck of network performance….Bitcoin transaction fee is getting more expensive as transaction volume increases and a large backlog waits for confirmation for a long time.”

    My understanding is that this problem is actaully a *feature* of BitCoin. If the transactions were quick and easy, then you would have massive fraud. They are *purposefully* made more expensive (which is why Bitcoin will fail in the long term).

    Also, I may be misunderstadning ,but their solution seems to be distributed parallel-processing cloud computing, but as most peope lfound out years ago, the most efficeint mining/transaction computers already specailise in parallel processing, which is why GPUs became the processor of vhoice for miners and why NVDA stock skyrocketed.

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  3. omfgitsjd

    Drive this car instead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xAJVri2a1U

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