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Slow Crawl Towards Holiday — Made a Swap

I often think about life and wished it was more like trading. Unhappy with job, house, friends? — swap them out for something more appealing — immediately. No need to fuck off and sit around with bad friends, or for some of you unhappy with your spouses — NO NEED FOR THAT EITHER. In my perfect world, we’d just trade them out, like a stock, and move on towards greener pastures.

I’ll be selling my house soon and that’s a fucking headache of monstrous proportions. It’d be nice to just trade this house on the spot for something down south. Wasn’t the blockchain supposed to do this shit for us — record transactions and cut out the middle men? Why can’t I used the god damned blockchain?

Markets are doing much better than I had expected and I had a stock up sharply, VIOT, so I sold it for +12% and with the proceeds I bought DAVA.

UPDATE: I sold RIOT for +7.3%

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  1. acehood

    You can sell your house sans agent easier than ever now I thought.

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  2. numbersgame

    If the only decision on buying and selling assets is whether you want to own it or not, then price doesn’t matter and selling your house should be cake. Just lower the asking price and it will be gone in a second.

    Unless of course, asset price *does* factor into the buy/sell decision….

    STFU, right?

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