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I Told You Not to Get Involved With Dat Bearish Nonsense

Nasdaq ran higher today — because the Fed nuked the business cycle. We are now in a post-interventionist unicycle climate, buoyed by whorish dollars and cheap men in expensive suits. I bought ribald stocks today, not because they’re good companies or because people like them — but because they’re going higher.

I have a very keen sense of self- awareness and understand when fortune is about to turn my way. Listen to me now, on Jupiter’s Stone — shit is about to go my way in spades. I am Captain now and no one can stop me.

Stay away from the short side, especially with crude elevated and junk bonds steady.

Class dismissed.



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  1. it is showtime

    Bears like globalist 2020 candidates. “Trump rally’s” death’s door.
    Thank you for your patience globalists.

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  2. heckler

    Hey Fly can you cross check those funds in exodus pretty please? Thanks dog

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