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Markets Soar Again, Old Sport

Sometimes you just need a little blind faith.

Imagine yourself to be an idiot moron, a person devoid of rational thinking — making directional bets long and long only. Market goes up — you buy. Markets go down — you buy. There can be no deviation — because like a dog, whenever the bell rings and you place money into the market — you win!

What grandiose superlatives!

I stand before you a very victorious man. My Quant is higher by 143bps — +5% over the past two weeks or 150bps more than the SPY. As you struggle to produce returns for your clients, I assure you — I can do better.

My trading account looks like Michelangelo himself etched it out and placed it on a ceiling of some random church, simply astounding. I took profits in SOLY, +19.2% for a two day hold, not because I don’t think losers will have their tattoos removed, but because it’s time for me to harvest gains in a stock designed to be a trade. It was never an investment, old sport.

I’ve got about 25% cash in there, also heavily long NUGT, so I’ll probably attempt to offset that conservative bias with something spectacular.

Stay tuned.

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  1. edge

    Even more spectacular than SPY 282C and SOXL?

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  2. numbersgame

    Nice gains on your Quant. AAPL + chips big in there, I presume.

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